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The women's fashion retailer notified employees at its headquarters last week that it is running out of capital and that its business will likely be shut down unless a buyer can be found. The news emerged after the company filed a notice with the state of Ohio that it is planning a mass layoff and possible shutdown of its headquarters at 7775 Walton Parkway in New Albany, Ohio. Although the details have not yet been finalized, absent intervening circumstances in the form of a buyer or recapitalization, the mass layoff is expected to be เสื้อทีม permanent, the company said in the filing, adding it is possible that the entire New Albany facility may be closed and that all 248 employees will be let go. Limited Stores signed a seven-year lease for 54,106 square feet in 2009 at the then newly built, four-story, 106,500-square-foot property in New Albany. Limited Stores is a specialty retailer offering upscale branded womens casual and working apparel in over 235 stores throughout the U.S. It is owned by private equity firm Sun Capital Partners. The Limited's third quarter results substantially missed their sales budget, the company told employees at the headquarters last week. As you know, product misses and massive shifts in retail shopping trends have been especially difficult for the company's business, and the company is dealing with significant debt obligations, Larry Fultz, COO of the Limited wrote to employees. We have now determined that the combination of sales misses and the level of existing financial obligations will require เสื้อทีม สีขาว that the company be sold or we will have to wind down our operations due to an anticipated lack of operating capital. Over the past several weeks, the company has been earnestly pursuing additional sources of liquidity and exploring a potential sale of the company, employees were told. We เสื้อทีม are now in the process of considering bids from potential buyers of the company's business and are hopeful that any such buyer would continue company operations, Fultz wrote.

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Francois Fillon at a party primary He believes the country has lived too luxuriously for too long. "So now it needs to make sacrifices. It's like a purge." Image copyright AFP Image caption Then-President Nicolas Sarkozy (L) and Francois Fillon jogging - Mr Fillon would later thwart Mr Sarkozy's comeback hopes The same Catholic conviction could explain Mr Fillon's famous taciturnity, a refusal to be ruffled, that can come across as either old-world courtesy or a cold reluctance to engage. And it might also shed light on one of the big questions over his career: why for five years as prime minister he suffered the constant humiliations inflicted by his boss, the man he came to loathe, Nicolas Sarkozy. But whoever seeks to caricature Mr Fillon as an emotionless masochist must accept that that is at best only part of the picture. This is a man who fell in love with motor-racing as a child when the Austin Healey team stayed in his village during the Le Mans 24-hour race. He could have become a professional driver. He says he has "always had a problem with authority" and as a boy was briefly expelled from school for leading a demonstration against a teacher. He despises politicians who "think of nothing but politics day and night: they are obsessed and unbalanced".

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