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He was59. Read:Trooper Who Was 'Ambushed' on Highway Was Likely Saved by Armed Passerby On Friday morning, the bagpipes were stilled and only a solemn drumbeat and the peal of a bell could be heard as the NYPD pipe band escorted the hearse to the cathedral. Then, as a lone piper played amazing grace, the coffin was carried inside. . @NYPDHighway motorcycles & our partners from near and far lead today's procession as we honor Detective Steven McDonald. #NeverForget . NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) January 13, 2017 Silence on 5th Avenue as a sea of officers in blue come to attention. We gather now to honor Det. Steven McDonald. Petunia Clementine (@Ms_Petunia_C) January 13, 2017 Among those in attendance for Fridays service were New York City Mayor de Blasio, former mayors David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani, NYPD Commissioner James ONeill and his predecessor Bill Bratton.

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