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Excited to try sending postcards. Coincidentally, it will be to my most compatible friends in @costarastrology. Because Im that astrology bitch.

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Local Shop offers Astrology Reading Classes

Zodiacs were always something that fascinated me. I actually had my star chart done in New Orleans by a psychic as a sovereign of my trip there on New Years Eve in the 1990s. I am a proud Sag. I always thought it was a cool sign to be born under but I figure most of us think that about our zodiac sign. And FYI the line Whats Your Sign? is still weird. So if you can commit to six classes and get yourself to New Paltz you can learn to read the zodiac like a pro. The Awareness shop in New Paltz is offering this class in Astrology starting on September 20th from 7p to 9p and running six consecutive weeks through October 25th. This course is for beginners all the way up to writing your own horoscopes. The course will teach you working knowledge of Astrology in which you may learn a lot about yourself.

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